Main is initial world a user is spawned to upon connection to the Server. This world is available to all ranks and consists of 4 zones; The Admin Village (Spawn Point), the Main Building area, The Admin Lower grounds and the Lower Building area.

Since this world is the Spawn world, it's not guaranteed to have builds belonging to users protected from grief but because it's the starting world, it's highly monitored by the Admins at --! Probuild 24/7 FREEBUILD !--. If the server has become too overcrowded, then an Admin is given permission to clear it, wiping it of all builds except the grass on the ground which returns to it's original status. Note, that this clearing does not affect the Main underground.


  • Main world was the beginning world that Facepalmed made upon creation of the server.
  • The spawn points builds are made by all the Supreme Commanders and higher.
  • Main consists of a grass layer, and underneath is a bedrock layer.