• Lyceum514

    An Excuse.

    July 10, 2012 by Lyceum514

    A couple nights ago. My dad got drunk, he threw a cup at my mom, it hit her foot, he was about to hit her with a golf club chair. I went in there and really loudly yelled "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!". Then he left and (skiping to the present) as of right now, he called the cops and said that my mother, was smoking weed with me. I freaking hate him, all of my friends know that I would never do that, right? I hope you guys understand. I hope you guys understand (I accedentily pressed the wrong button and know it's Ittiliac or however you spell it.). Mind if I take a few days off? I'm also moving in with my sister (a 2 floor house) in a week, and hopefully I'll have Internet. I have all this stress going on, so I really need this few weeks/days off. I kn…

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  • Lyceum514

    Meh. Internets crap.

    June 17, 2012 by Lyceum514

    This is an excuse for my absence.

    St0ry, mah best friend ;_;

    Please, excuse this for me. Or the first person who see's this. I live at Budget Budget Suites, and the Internet is crap here. On FireFox, I usually get the "Problem loading page" site, or on IE, I get: "Unable to connect to the Internet" or whatever.

    Thank you, Maner22.

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