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  • Zayllara

    wikia ideas! :D

    June 17, 2012 by Zayllara

    In this blog i will post links and ideas to help to wikia become more exciting.

    an i idea Link

    a nice layed out wikia that i aim to make our wikia look like. link

    A lot of good tutorials link

    look at the Advanced part link

    Our navigation is a bit messy, here is a tip link

    More tips.. link

    Tips, link

    Common mistakes here? link

    thanks for looking :)

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  • Zayllara

    Recent suggestions:

    June 15, 2012 by Zayllara

    Some recent suggestions made by players:

    Rank suggestions

    • Add rank trainee
    • Re-name SS_Officer to Officer
    • Re-name EliteDonator to Helper
    • Re-name SupremeDonator to Hero
    • Re-colour Donator to yellow
    • Re-colour Elitedonator to olive
    • Re-colour SupremeDonator to purple

    World Suggestions:

    • Add NewPlayer world
    • Add Average_Joe world
    • Add Constructor world
    • Add citizen world

    Not all these suggestions are mine, These are all the suggestions i have collected over time.

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  • Zayllara

    All alone.

    Fixing grief

    Telling off griefers

    if you are there admin i'm sending out an SOS D:

    SAVE ME :(

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